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Hello Members and Welcome to Convention 2021!

After watching the Corporate Welcome Message, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the navigation menu at the top of the site. This is where you’ll find messages from industry leaders, meaningful merchandising offerings, marketing services, business programs and hear what some of our Members have to say about being part of this organization.

Also, keep scrolling to learn about additional features on the site as well as where to find information on special pricing and ordering merchandise.

Navigating the Site

Hear messages from major suppliers welcoming you to convention, detailing their new products and thoughts on the coming year.

Let the fun begin - Merchandising is where it is happening! Browse through all the new displays and collections. Check out the top picks and special convention pricing!

Under Marketing, you'll find a breakdown of our digital and website services. Learn more about the upcoming Lead Generation technology and get some great tips on using the new Room Visualizer tool!

Explore Business Services to learn more about the various programs that can help better your business. Software, insurance, finance and showroom planning - our partners expertise is at your fingertips!

For the remaining links in the top menu: Welcome Message brings you right back to this page where you can continue to watch the Welcome Video and hear Phil’s Message. Testimonials features you! Hear what members have to say about how our services or our partner programs have helped them this year and beyond.

We've made it easy by adding a Quick Launch Bar at the top and bottom of each supplier's product page. The large Order Here button on the left allows you to easily place your display and sample orders. On the right, you can quickly see what programs and specials the supplier participates in. Clicking these icons will take you to Bonus Bucks or PPR pages or launch a pdf or order form for their Convention Specials. Finally, for suppliers with both Soft and Hard Surface offerings, the last icon allows you to quickly toggle between those pages.
At the bottom of every page on the site, you will see this teal stripe which allows quick access to Convention Specials, Bonus Bucks, Performance Plus Rewards, Cash Drawings, and the Room Visualizer Contest. These link directly to those pages or pdfs - put more money in your pocket!

We're all wishing we could have come together this year, and are hoping to see you in person next year!
Until then, enjoy your Virtual Convention!